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Fragrant Reflexo-Reiki Treatment

This is a signature treatment developed by Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Teacher Tania Borja.


About Reiki

(Usui Healing Tradition) An ancient way of Energy Medicine. Reiki is a Japanese word which means Rei = Universal and refers to the energy essence of the cosmos and Ki = Life Force.


Integrative Vibrational Therapy

It involves the combination of Color and Sound Therapy & Crystal healing in one integrative therapeutic session.

Ahdakah Technique for Holistic Health

This technique, which is based on the channelled teachings of “Self-balance and self-Mastery” (Holel ne ini Xohal)

Lunae Healing Arts


“The Power and the Choice of becoming healthier, happier and more beautiful every day is within you”


Lunae Healing Arts is an Integrated Holistic Health Practice devoted to guide you and encourage you to take full control of your own health and well-being.  We use the help of different kinds of alternative and complementary methods and therapies from a body-mind perspective to support you in your journey of experiencing a more integrated sense of self.



“The womb healing workshop offered by Tania was not only insightful but full of wisdom. Understanding our femininity at a much deeper level really helped me unmask some of my fears and out of control emotions. If all women learned these ancient practices and their meanings, we could break the negative cycles we have been following for generations making our daughters and in turn our sons free from the chains of ignorance. I thank Tania for sharing this with us and I hope many more women become interested and take the initiative to participate in these workshops and healing methods. They are full of love! Thank you Tania”

Liz Gonzalez

From the birth of Lunae Healing Arts, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be both a client and customer. I have both felt and experienced Tania’s spirit of gentleness, warmth, and caring in all modalities she works under. Over the past year I have had the chance to receive treatment in Reiki, shiatsu massage, crystal and sound therapy. So far, I have really enjoyed all the modalities that tried under her care. I particularly like the massage and crystal work. As a result of months of treatment with these modalities, I have noticed my chakras are more balanced. I have also more radiance, more will, improved digestion, a calmer mind, mental clarity and a more open heart.

Grace Diaz

“Working with Tania has been a blessed experience. She is kind, compassionate, & strong guide who journeys with you into the core of your inner self, yet always encouraging you to take each & every step. Through the time we have shared together I have come to regard Tania as a respected and knowledgeable sorce and conduit to a world of unknown, yet intimatly woven paths that occupy the terrains of our spirit and core inner selves. I say with humility that everyone deserves an opportunity to get to know themselves, love themselves and share themselves, and on an imperfect journey we have been blessed to have a beautiful and courageous guide to inspire and lead the way” 

Natasa Rajic

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“The power and the choice of becoming healthier, happier and more beautiful every day is within you”

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